All enquiries about membership should be directed to Dr Mike Rushton who is the secretary and a tustee of the society.
The email address is

Important: All new and prospective members must contact the secretary before attending.

Note - we no longer meet at the Crayford Manor House and we no longer deliver astronomy classes via Bexley Adult Education.

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Summary of Membership Benefits

  • Unlike most Astronomical societies we meet every week not monthly on Thursday evenings from 7.45pm.
  • Access to a wide range of expertise, our members have included BAA presidents and section directors. We have members with many years experience to guide you in all aspects of astronomy. We offer a mentoring scheme for beginner and advanced alike, paring those starting in a new area of astronomy with those more experienced in the field.
  • Professional lectures during the autumn, winter and spring terms. We offer a series of lectures that all can enjoy. Our lecturers are among the bestand brightest in their field and will often have been seen in various TV documentaries or the Sky at night. We believe our lecture series is the best available in the UK to the general public and has been running for over 50 years.
  • A dark and safe site to observe from. The location is as dark as can be found in the local Crayford/Dartford/Bexley/SE London area.
  • 'The Dick Chambers Sutton-at-Hone Observatory' is home to a 16 inch Meade LX200 telescope.
  • Our observing evenings offer something for everyone. We don't expect those new to astronomy to bring their own equipment along but if you do own equipment, we will help you get the most out of it.
  • A library of astronomical magazine's and journals, with the latest editions free to borrow.
  • A book library for those wanting to study a specific topic in more detail.
  • We attend events such as the Kelling Heath Spring & Autumn Star Party's, The BAA Winchester weekend and Astrofest plus most BAA hosted events. With a long and varied list of astronomical events to choose from, you will most probably find someone going that you can travel with.

Membership Levels

We have four types of evening and membership depends on the type of evenings you want to attend. We don't stop any member from attending any evening, but if the evening isn't included in your membership then there is an additional fee to pay on the night. All evenings start at 19:45 local time unless otherwise stated. The programme shows the type of evening and the members that can attend for free.
Society Night
These usually take the form of updates and talks from members, however if clear, we may observe instead or observe for part of the evening.
Informal Activity Night
These evenings are less structured than a society night and range from observing, running experiments, workshops, taking measurements, archiving material or a general social evening.
Professional Lectures
90 minute lectures from professional astronomers, space industry experts or nationally/globally recognised amateur astronomers i.e the best in their field.
Public evenings
Open to anyone.

All members are entitled and encouraged to come to Society nights.

Basic & Junior Membership
Free access to society nights and 'informal nights' but not the professional lectures (~30 evenings per year).

If you are new to Astronomy we would suggest you start here, we can guide you and advise you of specific lecturers that you might enjoy which you can attend on a Pay-as-you-go basis. If you then find you are attending lots of lectures we can upgrade your membership to Ordinary or Full membership on a monthly pro rata basis .

(Junior members (aged 17 or under) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian usually do not need to pay a subscription if the purpose of their attendance is to accompany the junior member.)
Ordinary Membership
Free access to society nights and professional lectures but not informal evenings (~34 evenings per year)

Best for those who have read around the subject and have some familiarity with the language and concepts used in Astronomy, but who do not want to observe or socialise on a more regular basis. Think of this as a regular adult education college course - but without the paperwork - no learning objectives & student surveys etc.
Full Membership
Free access to society nights, 'informal nights' and professional lectures (~52 evenings per year)

Best for those who have read around the subject and have some familiarity with the language and concepts used in Astronomy, and who want to observe in groups or socialise on a regular basis. Most people choose this option.
Student Membership

(Available to students in full time education - proof will be required)
Full membership entitlement.

Additional charges for other evenings if not included in your membership as follows;
Professional lectures
£7 per evening
Other evenings
£3 per evening

Refreshments (tea/coffee & biscuits) are included free every evening.

Apply for membership by downloading and printing the Membership Application Form now!


Price perannum
Numberof Nights



£7 per lecture
£3 per night







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