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We pride ourselves on having what we believe to be the best Astronomy lecturers in the UK.
Classes start at 7:45 every Thursday

Autumn Term 2008

Sep 25
The Solar Eclipse of 2008
- Mr Nick James (BAA)

Oct 2
Oct 9
The Birth and Death of Stars
- Dr Barry Kellett (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories)

Oct 16
What You Have Always Wanted to Know but Daren't Ask About Astronomy
- Mr Norman Walker (BAA)

Oct 23
Jupiter: a Global Upheaval in a Dynamic Atmosphere
- Dr John Rogers (BAA)

Oct 30
HALF TERM - if clear we will be Observing
Nov 6
Nov 13
Comets (probably)
- Dr Robert Massey (RAS)

Nov 20
Measuring the Size and Shape of the Earth
- Dr Paul Murdin (RAS)

Nov 27
An MOT for Hubble, Servicing the Space Telescope
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

Dec 4
Mars Revisited
- Dr Alan Longstaff (RGO)

Dec 11
James Glaisher FRS Victorian Astronomer
- Dr Alan Chapman (Wadham College Oxford)

Dec 18
Winter Term 2009
Jan 8
Thomas Harriot the Englishman who beat Galileo
- Dr Alan Chapman (Wadham College Oxford)

Jan 15
- Dr Barry Kellett (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories)

Jan 22
Jan 29
Astronomical Alignments of Maltese Temples
- Dr Martin Morgan Taylor (De Monfort University)

Feb 5
News from the American Astronomical Society Meeting at Palm Springs
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

Feb 12
The Search for Alien Life
- Dr Lewis Dartnell (UCL)

Feb 19
HALF TERM - if clear we will be Observing
Feb 26
"Pictures in the Sky: the Origin and History of Constellations" and "Exploring the Moon"
- Dr Ian Ridpath (RAS)

Mar 5
Mar 12
The Discovery and Understanding of Galaxies
- Dr Stewart Moore (BAA)

Mar 19
Extra Solar Planets
- Prof Ian Morison (Gresham Professor of Astronomy)

Mar 26
How Particle Physics can help Cosmology and Vice-Versa
- Prof Mark Lancaster (UCL)

Apr 2
LISA - Observing Gravity Waves from Space
- Prof Timothy Sumner (Imperial College)

Apr 9
No Class - if clear we will be Observing
Apr 16
No Class - if clear we will be Observing
Spring Term 2009
Apr 23
Apr 30
The Science and Beauty of Nebulae
- Dr Carolin Crawford (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)

May 7
The Dynamics of Planetary Magnetospheres: An Introduction and a Look at The Special Case of Saturn
- Dr Nick Achilleos (UCL)

May 14
Making and Recording Astronomical Observations
- Mr Roger Pickard (BAA)

May 21

Classes finished
, but if clear we will be Observing every Thursday Evening until the new educational year

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