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Autumn Term 2006
Sep 21
Astronomical Highlights of the Past and What's Left to Look Forward to
- Nick James (BAA)

Sep 28
Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium
- Dr Serena Viti (University of London)

Oct 5
Oct 12
Evolution of the Solar System
- Dr Alan Longstaff (RGO)

Oct 19
Solar Neutrinos
- Robert Smith (Sussex)

Oct 26
Nov 2
What is Matter? Where is the Antimatter?
- Prof Mike Green (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Nov 9
Nov 16
The Life and Times of John Mason
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

Nov 23
Recent Work on BAA Sunspot Numbers
- Mr Norman Walker (BAA)

Nov 30
- Prof Lionel Wilson (Lancaster University)

Dec 7
Copernicus in England 1550 to 1660
Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Dec 14

Winter Term 2007
Jan 11
The Observers Observed: Charles Dickens at the Royal Observatory Greenwich
Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Jan 18
Jan 25
News from the American Astronomical Meeting
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

Feb 1
Cataclysmic Variables: Their Evolution and Recent Results from XMM-Newton
- Dr Darren Baskill (University of Leicester)

Feb 8
CANCELLED - due to adverse weather
Feb 16
Feb 22
Impact Cratering in the Solar System
- Ms Emily Baldwin (University College London)
Mar 1
Rosetta and Venus Express Mission Updates
- Nick James (BAA)

Mar 8
Are Interstellar Space Science Missions Feasible?
Mr David Fearn (Britsh Interplanetary Society)
Mar 15
Mar 22
Stars in your eyes - the Mark 1 eyeball
- Mr Charles Hugkelstone (Queen Mary's, Sidcup)

Mar 29
Clusters of Galaxies
- Dr Caroline Crawford (Institute of Astronomy)

Spring Term 2007
Apr 19
Solar Physics during International Heliophysical Year
- Dr Lucie Green (Mullard Space Science Laboratories)

Apr 26
Cassini-Huygens to Saturn and Titan
- Dr Andrew Coates (Mullard Space Science Laboratories)

May 3
Small Heavenly Bodies of the Solar System Kind!
- Dr Richard Miles (BAA President)

May 10
May 17
The Search for Supernovae
- Mr Guy Hurst (BAA)

May 24
Dinosaurs on the Moon - Astronomy in the Media
Dr David Whitehouse

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