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Autumn Term 2004
Sep 23
Life on Other Worlds
Dr Alan Longstaff (Science Writer)

Sep 30
Oct 7
Edmond Halley
Prof Stuart Malin

Oct 14
Stars that go Bang in the Night
- Dr Robert Smith (University of Sussex)

Oct 21
Observing Jupiter
- Mr Mike Foulkes (Deputy Director, BAA Jupiter Section)

Oct 28
Nov 4
Nov 11
Observing Comets
Mr Nick James (BAA Papers Secretary)

Nov 18
Planetary Nebulae - the Link between Red Giants and White Dwarves
Prof Mike Barlow

Nov 25
1) Introduction to Space Physics
2) The Magnetic Field of Saturn as seen by Cassini Space Probe
Dr Nicholas Achilleos (Imperial College)

Dec 2
Dec 9
Mary Somerville (1780 - 1872) and the World of Science
Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Dec 16
Progress of Astronomy from Earliest Times to 1558
- Mr Anthony Kinder (BAA)

Winter Term 2005
Jan 13
John Flamsteed (1646 - 1719): The First Astronomer Royal
Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Jan 20
A Deep Truth about Reality: A Pair of Electrons is not like a Pair of Gloves
Dr Fay Dowker (Imperial College)

Jan 27
Feb 3
Huygens at Titan
Dr John Mason (BAA)

Feb 10
The Royal Greenwich Observatory at Greenwich at Herstmonceux
Dr Anthony Wilson (RGO)

Feb 17
Feb 24
Radio Galaxies: Particle Acceleration in Space
Dr Martin Hardcastle (University of Hertfordshire)

Mar 3
Mar 10
Low Cost Missions for In-Depth Exploration of Asteroids and Comets
Dr David Fearn (British Interplanetary Society)

Mar 17
News from SWIFT
Dr Nial Tanvir (University of Hertfordshire)

Spring Term 2005
Apr 14
The White-Hot Universe
- Prof Antony Hewish

Apr 21
The Galaxy Unveiled
Mr Tom Boles (BAA)

Apr 28
A Massive Star Odyssey: from Main Sequence to Supernova
Dr Adam Burnley (University College London)

May 5
Making a Deep Impact on Comets
Dr John Mason (BAA)

May 12
Molecules in Space
- Dr Jonathon Rawlings (University College London)

May 19
May 26
John Dee: Looking at Stars in Elizabethan England
- Mr
Richard Dunn (National Maritime Museum)

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