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Winter Term 2003
Sep 18
The Evolution of Galaxies
- Dr Alan Longstaff (Science Writer)

Sep 25
The Moon
- Mr Peter Gill (Eastbourne A.S.)

Oct 2
Oct 9
Unwinding the Milky Way
- Dr Sean Ryan (Open University)

Oct 16
The Herschel Dynasty - Part 2
- Ms Emily Winterburn (Royal Observatory Greenwich)

Oct 23
The Sun and its Influence on the Earth's Space Environment
- Prof Peter Cargill (The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College)

Oct 30
Nov 6
Nov 13
Dwarf Novae: X(-rays) Mark the Spot
- Dr Darren Baskill (Leicester University)

Nov 20
The N-body Problem and the Dynamical Future of the Solar System
- Mr Nick James (BAA Papers Secretary)

Nov 27
Timescales of the Solar System Formation
- Dr Sara Russell (Natural History Museum)

Dec 4
Dec 11
Big Telescopes in the 19th Century
- Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Spring Term 2004
Jan 8
Venus in Transit 1639-1882
- Dr Allan Chapman (Wadham College, Oxford)

Jan 15
Cosmic Dust
- Dr Matthew Genge (Imperial College)

Jan 22
Jan 29
Theoretical Study of Accretion in WZ Sagittae
- Mr Owen Matthews (Leicester University)

Feb 5
Astronomical Events in 2004
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

Feb 12
- Dr Antoniono Chrysostomou (University of Hertfordshire)

Feb 19
Feb 26
Mar 4
Cruising Through the Cosmos and Massive Star and Methanol Masers
- Dr Geoff MacDonald (University of Kent)

Mar 11
Radio Astronomy - Three Score and Ten Years Young
- Prof Les Little (University of Kent)

Mar 18
The Solar Neutrino Problem
- Dr Peter Williams (Queen Mary College)

Mar 25
Apr 1
Future Prospects of Deep Space Exploration within the Solar System and Beyond
- Mr David Fearn (British Interplanetary Society)

Summer Term 2004
Apr 22
Giotto, Rosetta, STARDUST... the Answer to Life from Comets?
- Dr Simon Green (Open University)

Apr 29
The Physical and Dynamical Properties of Comets
- Dr Mario Melita (Queen Mary College)

May 6
Cassini at Saturn
- Dr John Mason (BAA)

May 13
May 20
The Glory of Star Clusters
- Mr Guy Hurst (Vice President, BAA)

Extra weeks (2004):

Sep 3 - TBA
Sep 10 - TBA

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