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The First Supernovae to be Discovered from the UK

The Society had no previous experience in supernovae searching until Mark Armstrong (mark.armstrong @ dial.pipex.com) took up the challenge in 1995, although some members had undertaken a number of photographic patrols for novae as part of The Astronomer programme. Mark's story of the first SN to be discovered from the UK follows.

The discovery of SN1996bo in NGC 673 was made on 23rd October 1996 and was announced on IAUC 6497. It was discovered jointly with the Beijing Astronomical Observatory in China, and proved to be a type 1a supernova about the culmination of over 3000 patrols during 285 hours of searching using a Mne week before maximum light.

This was discovered using my 10" Meade LX200 telescope and Starlight Xpress CCD since Patrolling commenced in June 1995.

Before this discovery, this observer was credited with the confirmation of both SN 1995al in NGC 3021 and SN 1996ae in NGC 5775.

The UK Nova/Supernova Patrol is coordinated by Guy Hurst on behalf of The Astronomer magazine and The British Astronomical Association.

Since then, of course, Mark has gone on to discover another 69 supernovae. Last Update August 2005

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