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Astronomy software for the Pocket PC (PPC) PDA palm sized computer.

Gives the enthusiastic astronomer the positions of Jupiter's satellites, Great Red Spot (GRS) and a map of Jupiter's features all in one single convenient package, and it's FREE!

1. Show positions of Jupiter's satellites
2. Flip view E/W and/or N/S to show the same orientation as your set up.
3. View edge on, Plan or a 'wavy' diagram
3.1 Change the size of Plan and Edge on views
3.2 Animate Plan and Edge on views backwards or forwards in time
4. Click on a Satellites Label to see more information and a picture of the satellite
5. Click on the date or time to change to a different date/time
6. Click on Jupiter button for details about Jupiter
6.1 Distance from the Sun
6.2 Position in sky (RA and DEC)
6.3 Determine if the GRS is visible
6.4 Co-ordinates for the current central meridian in System I and System II co-ordinates
7. View an interactive map of Jupiter, move your stylus over a belt or zone to find out what it's called
8. Get recommendations on what filter works best on what feature

To install simply copy the contents of the zip file onto your Pocket PC
To run simply click on the JupView.vb file using file explorer
Written in embedded Visual Basic 3, you may require the runtime files (try running first, it will probably work, if not they are available from here MSDN

For Pocket PC OS

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