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NGC 457 - Also known as the Owl Cluster, the E.T. Cluster and Caldwell 13 by Neil Webster

Details of how the image was acquired....
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NGC 457 in Cassiopeia was discovered by William Herschel in 1787 and lies at a distance of 7,900 light years. It is one of the brightest open clusters in Cassiopeia with an estimated age of 21 million years. It is found 2 degrees south-south west of delta Cassiopeia.

NGC 457 looks like a little "stick-figure" with its arms spread out widely. The shape of the little figure is very obvious. The figure stands right up with his feet in the north and his head with two glittering eyes in the south. He spreads his arms out to the east and west.
The nicknames are due to the two prominent (eye) stars, which are Phi Cassiopeia a yellow star of magnitude 5.0 and HD7902 a blue star of magnitude 7.0, separation 135”.
It contains at least 150+ stars between magnitudes 12 – 15.
March2015NWebsterZ5 NGC 457.jpg

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