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M35 & NGC 2158 by Neil Webster - 15th February 2015 (and re-processed in Oct 2015)

Detail of how the image was acquired....
March2015NWebsterM35 NGC 2158detail.jpg

M35 is a young (100 to 150 million years) open cluster in Gemini at a distance between 2700 and 3600 light years. It has an estimated 20 stars down to 10th magnitude, 120 down to 13th magnitude and an amazing 2,700 down to 21st magnitude.

To the upper right is the faint very compact, rich NGC 2158 open cluster at an estimated distance of 12,000 light years. Its calculated age of two thousand millions years make it potentially one of the oldest open clusters in the Milky Way.
March2015NWebsterM35 NGC 2158.jpg

Below is the image re-processed by Neil in October 2015.
M35 Final Go info.jpg
M35 Final Go.jpg
CMHASD - NWebsterM35