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Observing evening at The Pavilion - Saturday 29th March 2014

Several members came to the Pavilion on the 29th March with the hope of doing some observing. Our wishes were granted because at 23.00 UT our wait was over as the skies cleared. We observed not only Jupiter and it's moons but Mars and Saturn too, all across the sky at the same time. The fish & chips were jolly nice too!

Thank you to member Honor Wheeler for taking the photos.

Honor & John Sowle Saturn image
Saturn viewed using John's 10" Dobsonian. Image was taken afocally by Honor Wheeler.

29th March 2014 John Sowle.64
Member John Sowle enjoying his brand new Dobsonian on the 29th March 2014.

29 March 2014 John&Amy.64
Member Amy looking at the sky.

29 March 2014 Rob.64
Amy's husband looking at the night sky too!

CMHASD - March2014