MIND visit 12th October 2016

On Wednesday 12th October, MIND came to visit CMHASD and below are a few photos of the fun evening.

There were books and binoculars on display as well as a collection of meteorites & space shuttle flown hardware!!!!. Honor Wheeler explained how we observe the Sun with solar filters and with special telescopes e.g. the PST (Personal Solar Telescope).

A Powerpoint presentation was given too which covered the basics of observing, terminology, what we can see and how we see it.

All in all a very good evening and CMHASD would like to thank Rita Whiting, Honor Wheeler, Andy Barber, Stephen Brooks and Bob Bryne for giving their time & help and to Ruby Byrne for supplying the delicious cakes, homemade sausage rolls and samosas.

A young girl looking at an 11 day old Gibbous Moon through CMHASD's 16 inch telescope with the help of Obervatory Manager Andy Barber. She loved it and hopes that her school friends could someday visit the Observatory!

Visitors viewing some of the display boards.....

20161012_1691 Meteorites.jpg
The selection of meteorites on display

Member Stephen Brooks helping with the CMHASD Planet game

20161012_1689 ShuttleHardware.jpg
WOW!!!!! Space Shuttle flown hardware on display :-)

The lovely fairy cakes, made by Ruby Byrne, Bob's wife who also made some veggie samosa's and some sausage rolls to keep us all going :-)