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The galaxy is low in dust and gas, and there is little star formation in it, although there has been some relatively recently in the arms. The ratio of old stars to new stars is correspondingly quite high. In most wavelengths it is quite uninteresting, though there is a radio source visible in the NVSS, offset from the core by about two arc-minutes. The identity of the source is uncertain, as it has not been identified visually, or formally studied in any published papers.

Bagged By: Martin Crow
Instrument: 80mm Equinox ED Refractor @ f6 with Canon 400D, 8 x 60s
Details: Note M65,M66 and NGC 3628 are all in the image
Bagged By: Julian Tworek
Instrument: 200mm Skywatcher Mac Newtonian Canon |DSLR
Details: Spot 4 galaxies in this image of the Leo Triplet

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