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A small band of members attended the Kelling Heath Star Party this spring and were rewarded with clear skies and fantastic seeing:-

This was my third visit to Kelling and like the previous visits well worth the effort. The weather was mild during the day and cold at night with a slight ground frost just before dawn.
Friday night was spectacularly steady. Saturn viewed through a C11 using a 5x power mate and eye piece yealding a normally ridiculus magnification of around 420x gave a superbly large and rock steady image of this magnificent ringed planet.
With the Icelandic volcano going full throttle there were no planes in the sky which was an added bonus. However, i felt that the sky wasn't as dark as usual having a distictly blue colour to it. We discussed this and wondered if the dust, although we couldn't see it, was scattering blue light from over the horizon.
Saturday night was clear again but not so steady as the previous night. Lots of fun was had playing with the kit, imaging and good old fashioned observing plus having a wander around seeing what other people were up to.

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