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Kelling Heath Star Party 2009

A long weekend of camping and astronomy.

Andy, Keith, Simon and Julian set off in a couple of cars in the morning, arrived at about 2pm and put tent up. The evening was cloudy so we played cards, ate pizza (note 2, 12” pizza’s and garlic are enough to feed 4 hungry adults!) and drunk beer.
We need to ge this...

...into this - The back seats are already down!

In the morning we queued up to book next year’s pitches! Had a look around site, bought a few bits from the second hand sales many pitches had, Martin and Family arrived, so we helped them pitch their 9 berth manor house and got ready for the observing session. The night was clear, but not that transparent, however the Milkyway was really obvious, so we observed through to 4am when the cloud rolled in.

Descriptions of each set-up.
From using an astro track and easytouch mount to drift scanning

All a bit tired so we took it easy, looked around the trade stands for bargains or that little hard to get accessory. Martin and family went out for the day. We had a BBQ in the evening (thanks for cooking Steve) and went to bed at a reasonable hour – it was cloudy.

Video showing the set-up of a Ha and white light solar scopes on the same mount, details of the modified Hydrogen Alpha telescope can be found Here

Went for a walk around the site of Special Scientific Interest and spent the day taking photos of steam trains and butterflies, Martin and Family left so did Keith and Andy, Simon and Julian stayed on, the night was clear and very transparent, it was a great evening, we did some imaging, and looked through a few 20” dobs at 4am we packed up for the night.

Packed up and went home.
More images were shown at a Society night and can be found on the Society page

Slideshow of Images from Kelling Heath (originally to music) given by Julian Tworek JulianTworekKellingHeath.ppt

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