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Julian Tworek's Observatory

Based in Sidcup, SE London, Julian built his observatory himself to house his 10 inch Meade LX200 (classic). From his house, his is able to remotely control the telescope, CCD camera and the rotation of the dome.
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Observatory Layout.
Observatory as seen from house.
The control box is on the side of the observatory.
Inside the control box are two relays which drive the dome motors clockwise and anticlockwise.
The runners for the hatch can be seen with one hatch door removed.
This is one of the two motors used to turn the dome with a support bearing on ring beam
The motor shaft with friction drive wheel to move the dome. One of the handles (in black, top middle) allows the dome to be turned manually.
One of the dome motors mounted on the wall.
One of four side bearing brackets fixed to the bottom angle iron ring to stop dome from sliding of the walls. Top of the bracket goes over dome angle iron to stop it lifting of the walls.
The telescope's dew shield and sliding counterbalance weight.
Focusing mask.
PC which allows remote control of the telescope and CCD camera from the house.
The inside of the dome where polystyrene insulation is painted purple. Arrows show which way to turn dome when in house via security camera mounted on top of telescope.
The wedge with its azimuth adjustment and the PC housed at the back of the observatory. The PC is used to remotely to control the telescope and camera.
The security can be seen next to the finderscope, the F6.3 focal reducer, electric focuser and filter wheel.
This view shows the wedge altitude adjustment
The side view of the wedge where the azimuth adjustment can be seen.
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