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About the Crayford Deep Sky Challenge

Many Crayford members have the means of imaging the sky, whether it be with CCD cameras, webcams, digital cameras, drawings or good old film.
From 23 Februay 2006, they will put their equipment to the test. It has been decided to try and image ("bag") as many of the Messier and Caldwell objects as possible. This will be no easy feat and is expected to take long time as imaging will be secondary to any activities that they will be carrying out. If there is an opportunity during an observing session to bag some of these objects then it is hoped that some images will be made.

The Messier list.
The Caldwell list.

A few notes about the objects in the Crayford Deep Sky Challenge (CDSC) that are on the list to be imaged:
  • Click on "Messier List" or "Caldwell List" links above to see which objects have so far been bagged. The numbers in brackets are the number bagged so far.
  • Although the highest Messier object number is 110, there are in fact only 109 Messier objects in total. M102 appears "missing" and is a possible duplicate of M101. It is universally accepted that NGC5866 is deemed as a substitute for this object and is therefore included in the CDSC list.
  • The Parsonage Lane Pavillion's latitude is 51º41'41"N. Therefore, at the southern horizon, objects of Declination -38º32'29" or higher can theoretically be seen.
  • All Messier objects in theory can be seen from Sutton-at-Hone but objects M6 & M7 (in the sting of Scorpius), M54, M55, M62, M69, M70 will be the most challenging in the Messier list to bag as they have declinations lower than -30º. These have been kept in the list as a member may be at an observable location to be able to successfully image them.
  • Of the 109 Caldwell objects in the list, those numbered C70 or lower are in theory observable from Sutton-at-Hone with objects numbered C67 and higher with declinations lower than -30º. Again, objects C67-C109 have been kept in the list as a member may be at an observable location to be able to successfully image them.
  • Any member who is able to image from the UK M6, M7, M54, M55, M62, M69, M70, C67, C68, C69 and C70 will have a drink personally bought for them by Keith Rickard!
  • As the Caldwell object list was put together recently by Patrick Moore, many atlases will not have them marked. The Caldwell list given here has the object's alternate designation to help track them down on atlases and other catalogues.

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