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Style Guide

We don't have too many rules and if you break a couple it isn't the end of the world, but to keep the site looking professional please try to observe this style guide

Image Naming

Generally we name images after the page they are going to be used in, we then add the initials of the person who took the image and then a two digit numeric value, if the image is a thumbnail we add 't' to the end e.g. PAGENAME_AB01 or PAGENAME_AB01t if it is a thumbnail

Thumbnail Images

Pictures should generally be displayed as thumbnails 100x75 (WxH) e.g
If there are a number of images by the same person use a table with 5 rows if there are more than 5 images use additional collumns, this page is a good example of this.

However for smaller number of images using a table with the image onthe left and the details on the right is acceptable.
Bagged by: Martin Crow
Instrument: 80mm Equnix ED Refractor @ f6 with Canon 400D 8x 60s
Details: This is a wide field show - quite unusual as most images I see of this are narrow field of view.

Linking to the main image from a thumbnail is a little more tricky, you need to use the 'Text Editor' but it is not as difficult as it might look...
  1. Click 'Text Editor ' to start the text editor
  2. Find the text that describes your thumbnail, it will look something like...
  3. You need to edit this text to read...
    [[image:PAGENAME_AB01t.jpg link="http://www.cmhas.wikispaces.com/file/view/PAGENAME_AB01.jpg"]]

    Note the 'link=' is the location of the main image, all images are stored in the same place, so you can cut'n'paste the line below to make things easier...
  4. Finally if you use a thumbnail remember to tell the reader they can click on the image to see a full version by using the following text
    Click on the images for a full size view


I have implemented a slideshow 'widgit' in javascript, if you want a slideshow on your page this is what you have to do.
The basic slide show is called 'slideshow' and is for 640x480 images, other images will be stretched, it only works with 10 pictures
  1. Create your page
  2. upload 10, 640x480 images you must us the following naming convention PAGENAME_SLIDEn.jpg i.e. a slideshow on the page DANSON2009 would have images named DANSON2009_SLIDE1.jpg, DANSON2009_SLIDE2.jpg ... DANSON2009_SLIDE10.jpg
  3. using wikitext enter the following at the point you want the slideshow to appear
    [[include page="SLIDESHOW"]]
all this actually does is include a page called SLIDESHOW into your page this page will use images for the slide show based on your pages' name (see 2 above)

Aghhh why did it do that!

Occasionally the wikispaces editor does some weird stuff, here is a quick guide to getting out of those situations when you find something has gone wrong!
  1. Try [Ctrl] & Z (press the control key and the zed button at the same time)
  2. If you haven't done much click cancel in the editor without saving, then edit the page again if it asks you if you want to open the draft say 'yes', if this doesn't work, cancel without saving again, and say 'no' when it ask you if you should load the draft.
  3. Quite often it is easy to work out what has gone wrong if you open the text editor, from here you can edit the mistake and clcik back into visual editor mode.
  4. If you have really messed up and really can't work out how to fix it and you have already saves the page, dont worry...
- Select the History Tab at the top of the page.

- click on the date for the version you want to return to

- Under the Actions section select 'revert to this version'

Bad Weather

If the college is closed due to the weather you can include a banner on every page here is how...
go to the 'footer' page and click edit
go into the tikitext editor and add this as the first line
[[include page="WEATHER"]]
and you will have added this banner to the bottom of every page
[Invalid Include: Page not found: WEATHER]

Keyboard Shortcuts

[Ctrl] & Z = Undo
[Ctrl] & C = Copy
[Ctrl] & V = Paste
[Ctrl] & B = Bold
[Ctrl] & U = Underline
[Ctrl] & I = Italics

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