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The Frankenscope

  • I needed a portable telescope to take to places such as Kelling Heath.
  • My main telescope is stuck in its observatory
  • It needs to allow me to do imaging as well as visual
  • The solution is to be build Frankenscope!

What do you need to build Frankenscope?

  • LX200 tripod
  • A Julian Tworek home-made wedge
  • A 10” LX200 fork mount without the OTA
  • An ETX 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
  • A finderscope
  • An SBIG CCD camera
  • Some steel stud, aluminium square tube
  • And nuts!

To Do

  • Fit Finder properly (finder was bought secondhand at Kelling Heath Star Party so only fixed to mount with cable ties!)
  • Collimate ETX

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