Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Advanced Astronomy Programme of lectures?
Established for over 50 years - and now run independently of Bexley Adult Education, the Advanced Astronomy lecture programme consists of approximately 22 professional, high quality lectures, held almost every week during Autumn, Winter and Spring terms.

This is an unstructured series of lectures by professional astronomers from Universities or the space science industry, occasionally a gifted amateur astronomer might lecture but these are limited to those with worldwide acknowledged accomplishments. These really are some of the best astronomy lectures available in the UK that an amateur astronomer can attend.

The advanced astronomy lectures are included in the Ordinary and Full membership of the Society, but also available to Basic members on a pay-as-you-go basis (priority to any lecture is given to Full and Ordinary Members).

I have been to many astronomy lectures over the years, but have yet to find any with such a consistent high quality as offered by Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford. Whilst being a member (22 years now) I have been lectured to by Professors, Doctors and a Nobel Laureate and often find myself saying ‘they’ve lectured at Crayford’ when watching documentaries or the Sky at Night on TV. I can’t rate the Society highly enough.

How much Astronomy do I need to know?
Our lecturers are advised to pitch lectures at 2nd year degree level with a minimum of maths (this is supposed to be fun after all) so you do need to have a good understanding of Astronomy, either from practical experience, a formal qualification or a keen interest.

That said none of the society members proclaim to be experts in astronomy either and we all have to start somewhere, existing members will always go out of their way to support those with less experience. Some lectures do not require a great deal of knowledge to be enjoyed, but others will do. Our Basic membership allows you to pay-as-you-go for lectures to see if you like them, whilst giving you the opportunity to observe and socialise with experienced observers.

When can I join?
We welcome new comers at any time of year, but please contact us before attending so we can welcome you and ensure you find our venue safely.
See our Programme of Lectures.

I haven’t been to any astronomy courses, can I join the Society?
Yes, we welcome anyone with a keen interest in Astronomy, we do have a formal membership process and you can find out more on our membership pages.

Arghhh, my baby sitter didn't turn up can I bring my quiet well behaved teenager to the class?
Yes, as long a the child is well behaved we would love to have them along (no charge).

How often do you meet?
We meet every Thursday (unless it's Christmas day), we also meet up for organised observing, events and public outreach, we have been meeting weekly for 50+ years and wouldn't have it any other way, it gives our members plenty of opportunity to talk astronomy and grow friendships that last a lifetime.