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China, 2008 August 1st

This eclipse was special for its colours around the horizon. There were wonderful oranges and reds all around, the clouds lit up, some dark in silhouette, some golden, glowing yellowy-orange in the distance. You could see the shadow approaching against the clouds and then rushing away as it left. A great and wonderful experience that we will all never forget.

During the eclipse it was possible to see a prominence at about 2 o’clock and the planets Venus and Mercury were easily visible.

The desert venue for this eclipse was a little windy, buffeting equipment and making imaging and video at high magnifications a little difficult.
external image SE2008Aug01T.GIF


Video by Member Andy Barber

The Eclipse Site

Video by Member Andy Barber

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Montage of Images by Mike Ruston

The background is the observing site
Poster by Member Martin Crow

Stills from Andy Barber's video of the Eclipse, no processing, these are raw frames.

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