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The Double Cluster (NGC 884 and 869) by Neil Webster - taken January 2015

Details of how the image was acquired....
March2015NWebsterS1 Double Detail.jpg

The Double Cluster (NGC 884 and 869) are thought to have formed from same molecular cloud and each contain 300+ blue-white supergiant stars. Both are very young and form the core of the Perseus OB1 association located in the Perseus spiral arm. NGC 884 is an estimated 3.2 million years old and lies at a distance of 7,500 light years. Its overall combined magnitude is 4.4. NGC 869 is an older 5.6 million years old and is 6,700) light years away (800 light years closer than NGC 884). It has an integrated magnitude of 4.3 and is the more compact and heavier (869: 3,700 solar masses, 884: 2,800 solar masses).
March2015NWebsterS1 Double.jpg

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