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Dartford Festival - 19th & 20th July 2014

Once again CMHASD exhibited at the Dartford Festival 2014 in Central Park and boy - what a weekend it was!!!!!

Hot & Steamy ;) followed by Thunder & lightning - oh so very frightening :(

However - some members coped very well, as can be seen here, with Chairman Simon & member Martin nicely demonstrating the two known 'horizontal observing' positions one can adopt :)
This horizontal position as Simon is clearly showing - allows one to have clear views both horizontally & vertically in the forward looking direction......

No - Martin had not been knocked out by a telescope - but was demonstrating the vertical viewing that the second horizontal position allows - that one can comfortably adopt.....

Over the weekend several members of CMHASD showed the public why CMHASD is such a great society to belong to. Members were kept busy, not only showing the public what we do, how to observe and how to observe the Sun safely through Solar Scopes but also testing the knowledge of willing participants (young & old) of the Solar System with the new 'Do you know your Solar System?' game.

Below are the first set of photos taken on Saturday 19th July 2014 by trustee Honor Wheeler & member Jim Burchell. Thank you Honor & Jim for the photos.
Members Andy & Rita busy setting up the 'new' CMHASD display :-)

The new 'Do you know your Solar System?' game proudly on view - ready & waiting for willing participants to demonstrate their knowledge (or not?) of the Solar System.....

Members of the public enjoying testing their knowledge supported by willing members of CMHASD....

One of the new displays - showing members' latest images of the Moon, the Planets, Deep sky, Aurora & Atmospheric phenomena.

A little person bravely testing her knowledge of the Solar System :) helped by member Honor Wheeler....

Solar Observing taking place.....

The Sun in H-alpha - you can see the Prominence's which made up for the lack of Sunspots in White light. Taken by member Honor Wheeler.

These are a selection of photos taken on Sunday 20th July 2014.......

Thank you to member Amy Tomsett for taking the photos.

Another new display for the Dartford Festival.
Trustee Honor Wheeler giving a talk about Astronomy to the public........

Whilst Honor was speaking to the public, the clouds were rolling in.....

Members of the public take cover in the marquee where Honor is busy talking to the public and doing her best to be heard above the noise of the pouring rain, thunder & lightning! Well done that girl!

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