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Danson Show 2009 - Bexley

This was a great event with thousands of people, we met a lot of people with telescopes who didn’t know how to use them and people with an interest in Astronomy but unaware of the Astronomy courses Bexley college has to offer. The site navigation for Bexley College doesn't show the Advanced Astronomy class however you can find it here
More information and pictures will be posted in the members activities area shortly

SOHO Image of Sunspot Group on the day of the Danson show

Solar Halo Imaged at the Danson Show by Honor Wheeler

Circumzenithal Arc at Danson Show by Honor Wheeler

The display consisted of 6 or 7 telescopes, including…

• Two PST’s
• 127mm Refractor with a Thousand Oaks solar filter
• 80mm APO with a solar filter
• 80mm APO with a Hα filter
• ETX with a Baader solar filter
• TAL 100mm reflector
• Meade 150mm Dobsonian
• Binoculars on a tripod
The Stand included

8 panelsof observations by Crayford members
• Lots of 6x4 images by Crayford Members in a hanging display
• Handouts on starting in Astronomy
Handouts about the advanced astronomy course
• BAA handouts
• Posters about the college and the Astronomy courses
• A few commercially available posters and posters on the international year of astronomy


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