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Dartford Summer Show - 2010

Thanks to all the members who helped out at this show, the consensus was that it was a great success, with the public looking through all four ‘scopes constantly. The raffle raised about £90 for the society funds.

The equipment on display and or in use were…
A 5” refractor showing the Moon and Sun in white light
A PST showing the Sun in hydrogen alpha
An 80mm hydrogen alpha ‘scope showing the Sun
An 80mm white light ‘scope fitted with a Herschel wedge showing the Sun
A 4” Newtonian on an equatorial mount on display.
A home made spectrascope
Thanks to those members who brought their 'scopes along and allowed the public to use them.

The display was, in my opinion the best yet, it received a lot of interest, and we even got asked if we could run an Astronomy Course for another Adult Education College!

As is traditional for CMHAS all the imges were taken by members, many of the posters can be downloaded in the download section
Our display inside, the telescopes were outside.

The raffle was drawn by a
member of the public at
4pm on Sunday and 1st
prize was won by
Jill Rankin (photo right)

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