C30 (NGC 7331) and 4 nearby galaxies, Stephan's Quintet (NGC7319), NGC 7315, NGC7343 and other galaxies by Andy Smith, Chatham, Kent. 9th October 2015

Note: If you look on Andy's Flickr 'Astronomy' album (https://www.flickr.com/…/214509…/in/album-72157632538120596/) it will take you to the C30 image were you can get a bigger view with some limited zoom capability.

To find all 24 galaxies, Andy used the 'original' to be sure what he suspected as galaxies were not just optical smudges caused during capture and/or processing.

Andy is looking into what it might cost to get a bigger printed version (A3 or even A2 depending on quality) so if anyone has some good suggested sites he would be most interested.

There is a labelled image identifying all the galaxies at the bottom of the page.

12132572 C30 info Andy Smith 2015.jpg

Image labelled with all the galaxies - hopefully identified correctly :-)
CMHASD - C30AndySmith2015