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BAA Christmas Lecture 2014 by Lord Martin Rees

13th December 2014 at University College London (UCL)

The following report is written by trustee & publicity officer Honor Wheeler. Thank you Honor.

Cameron Watson wins the Sir Patrick Moore Prize for outstanding observational work from a member under 21. Cameron was presented his award by Astronomer Royal, Prof. Lord Martin Rees. Congratulations Cameron.

14:45 BAA Christmas Lecture - Prof Lord Martin Rees: "The next 25 years in astronomy - some hopes and speculations."
It was a pleasure to hear the Astronomer Royal giving the BAA's Christmas Lecture. An informative and interesting talk on the future of amateur/professional astronomy. He spoke of why we study astronomy, looking at the next steps to the Moon, Mars and beyond, searching for Earth like exo-planets & new Earth based optical and radio telescopes that are being built.

16:15 Prof Mike Barlow: "Supernovae, red giants stars and the dust content of galaxies at high and low redshifts."
Including results from the Herschel Space Observatory and ALMA collaborations. (self explanatory really, looking at dust in the cosmos)

17:15 Nick James: Sky Notes.
UCL main building.
One of the two Observatory domes in the grounds of UCL.
A photo shot over Honor's shoulder of those attending the meeting. As you can see the meeting was well attended.
Nick James giving his fun and informative December sky notes.

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