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BAA Ashford Meeting - Saturday 25th April 2015

Several members of CMHASD attended this event.

Below is the programme of the day and a report written by trustee Honor Wheeler who attended the event. Thank you Honor and for supplying the photos too!

10:20 Official welcome & BAA business – BAA President, Mrs Hazel McGee.

10:30 Dr Dirk Froebrich – “Hunting for Eruptive Young Stellar Objects" His talk covered the aims of a new project 'HOYS-CAPS' which hopes to utilize amateur astronomers in the long term photometric monitoring of young stellar clusters to find outbursting objects for further detailed study. This includes variable star monitoring of which the website has a variety of sample images for amateurs to view along with results from the project.

11:30 Mr Roger Pickard – "More Pro-Am Projects" Continuing on from Dr Froebrich, Roger talked about his contributions to the 'HOYS-CAPS' project and his Directorship and contributions to the BAA variable star section.

12:30 Mr Drew Wagar – AAS Chairman “The past, present, future of the Ashford Astronomy Society” Drew Wagar, Chairman of Ashford AS talked about his Society. He covered how the Society got started with just 3 friends meeting to enjoy observing together, to deciding to start a society in 2009 and then to explain that their membership now stood at between 150 - 200 members! They are now working closely with Ashford Borough council to not only consult on issues regarding light pollution in planning decisions but also working to build a million pound centre dedicated to educating all ages in science, computing and mathematics.

14:30 Dr Anthony Cook – Lunar Citizen Science Following on the amateur contributions to space science Dr Cook gave us insights into how amateurs can contribute to Lunar observations. Dr Cook is a member of the BAA Lunar section with interests in Transient Lunar Phenomenon or TLP'S: http://www.baalunarsection.org.uk/tlp.htm

15:05 Prof Bill Leatherbarrow - "An introduction to QuickMap: a resource for lunar observers" Prof.Leatherbarrow is the BAA Lunar section director and he introduced us to the Lunar free software 'Quick Map': http://target.lroc.asu.edu/q3/ - this is a very useful tool that allows the user to see all sides of the Moon and investigate the surface using images provided by the numerous probes that have orbited the Moon. He also showed how to access experimental maps which allow the user to view 'user chosen' areas of the Moon in 3D!

15:20 Mr Barry FitzGerald – “Amateur Astrogeology using LRO and other digital resources” Barry continued the Lunar theme giving us a guided tour of how some of the Moons craters were formed from various impacters. Using the 'Quick Map' tool, he showed how topigraphical information of craters can be viewed.

16:30 Miss Alice Sheppard – "When the Universe came to the people" Alice is a Moderator on Galaxy Zoo forum: http://blog.galaxyzoo.org/2009/07/01/shes-an-astronomer-alice-sheppard/ Alice has a great sense of humour and loves to talk Galaxy Zoo! Her talk was very enjoyable and informative looking at how thousands of citizen scientists have contributed to all things space and more using Galaxy Zoo, Moon Zoo, Solar Storm watch etc. Checkout the zooniverse: https://www.zooniverse.org/

CMHASD members at the BAA Ashford meeting.

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CMHASD - BAAAshfordMeeting2015