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Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford

1. Introduction

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and thought ‘Wow!’ but then said to yourself - I wish I knew more about the sky, the planets & the stars?
Have you been given or bought a telescope but found it too difficult & confusing to setup and use?

Astronomy is a truly fascinating subject. However, the copious amounts of technical jargon that seems to accompany this science and the use of telescopes can be off putting, the cost of equipment shocking & the choices of telescopes & equipment available absolutely bewildering for some. Therefore, deciding upon where to start in this subject can be an extremely difficult choice to make for people.

Well - contrary to popular belief and surprising as it may seem - there is actually no requirement to be an expert or scientist or have expensive equipment to get started in Astronomy.

All you do need to start with - is an interest in looking up at the sky, a desire to know more about it and a welcoming, friendly & active Astronomical Society to help guide you around this fascinating subject. This is were Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford (CMHASD) in Kent, would like to help.

CMHASD is very different from most other Astronomical Societies, as we run our own professional advanced astronomy lecture programme, meet every Thursday (excluding Christmas week) and have a variety of society evenings & events. We are a very active society and provide access to a wide range of astronomical expertise within the society, we have a mentoring scheme, with many members offering help and support on all levels of technical ability. We make astronomy accessible for all abilities & ages.

Please see our membership page for more details.

Each week a different lecturer from a University or British Astronomical Association (BAA), Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Royal Astronomical Society, Institute of Astronomy or professional scientist, give a talk on their particular speciality. Thus, not only are the lectures authoritative, but also include the latest information & sometimes prior to its publication.

All lectures are arranged in advance and a programme of events is available at the start of each academic year.

We have four types of evening and membership depends on the type of evenings you want to attend. We do not stop any member from attending any evening but if the evening is not included in your membership then there is an additional fee to pay on the night. All evenings start at 19:45 unless otherwise stated and the programme shows the type of evening.

Society Night
These usually take the form of updates and lecturers from other members but if clear we observe.
Informal Activity Night
These evenings are less structured than a society night and range from observing & practical sessions, to running experiments, taking measurements, archiving material or general social evening.
Professional Lectures
A 90 minute lecture from professional astronomer, space industry expert or nationally/globally recognised amateur astronomer (i.e the best in their field) - more details here
Public evenings
Open to anyone.
All members are entitled and encouraged to come to Society nights.

2. Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). Registered Charity Number 1156678.

CMHASD Constitution.

CMHASD - Federation of Astronomical Societies Child Protection Guidelines

The FAS Child Protection Adoption form signed by CMHASD

3. And finally....

On a non-astronomical matter, it has been the custom since before memory, for members to retire to the pub on the Thursday evening after a lecture or meeting (even in the holiday period!). A special scheme of recording drinks consumed and drinks paid for ensures that equality and harmony prevails.

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