Amateur Telescope Making

Large Telescopes

The Society and its members possess a notable range of astronomical equipment, much of it home made. A number of the these instruments have been constructed by John Wall who is internationally known as a telescope maker and is the inventor of the 'Crayford Eyepiece Mount' which has found favour all over the world.

The 32" Telescope
The 24" Telescope
The 42" Telescope

Small Telescopes

Automatic Photometric Telescope
Another first is the automatic photoelectric telescope designed and built by Jack Ells.
This instrument undertakes photometry unaided throughout the night and was the most productive amateur telescope in the UK during it's use.
Detailed construction, software and electronics notes along with more pictures and results can be found on the APT page

Modified Personal Solar Telescope (PST)

Member Julian has modified his PST, slides from his presentation are available here:
Julian Tworek - Modified PST

Build a Space Telescope

Ok so it is only made of paper but it is a very good replica with a high level of detail by Ton Noteboom, more details here

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